Old Love, New Love

During my fourteenth year, just four months before my parents split up, I met my first love and I’d like to tell you about it today.

Before I continue, I’d like to warn you that I am a hopeless romantic – which means I fall hard, fast and really really easily (festive).

Let me take you to August 28th 2012, my cousin’s birthday. I distinctly remember being a grumpy bitch pubescent fourteen year old with serious attitude problems that entire day and that night, as we were getting ready to go out to celebrate my cousin’s twentieth birthday, was no different. I’m guessing that by the picture below you can guess just about how fashionably inept I was at fourteen… and how much puppy fat I had yet to lose.

So much regret.



I’d like to think that I look better now a days. At least, in terms of clothes, make-up and hair.


On this specific night, I do recall those same Blue and Purple sneakers and a bright purple hoodie. Barf. I am so ashamed of younger me, seriously, how did I not realise that dressing that way was not going to make me popular. Though I suppose nothing would at that point. 

We went to celebrate this momentous occasion of my cousin leaving teenage-hood at a pub-n-grub type place that is actually quite well known now a days in my town. I had taken a book with me, as well as a notebook and pen as I had decided previously that I would ignore everyone else and simply read and write the night away – which is what I would’ve done if I’d stayed home anyway. I brought these things along especially because I had heard that my cousin’s friend from another city had flown down to visit him for his birthday and by my calculations that meant that my cousin would be conversing with my brother and my cousin’s friend would be conversing with my female-cousin and I’d be alone, which I am most of the time anyway in family situations.

My cousin’s friend shares the name of a Disney Prince, but that’s all the information you’re getting on his name, and at that point in time he was a few months away from turning twenty himself. I remember he had long, black hair at that point pulled back into a ponytail but he rocked it, don’t worry, glasses, blue eyes and he was about the same height as me, yet skinnier fucking puppy fat.

Disney Prince and I ended up conversing most of the night, along with my brother, about childhood nostalgia, like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Tazzos, although our conversation first started when I started reading and he initiated a conversation about books, which led to a conversation about writing, which somehow ended up on Childhood nostalgia. It was completely natural and Disney Prince and I got along quite well.

The crush began that night.

The following weekend was my cousin’s birthday party ‘get together’ with his friends and while I was originally going to leave with the adults to give the younger other adults space to have fun, I ended up staying at the party ‘get together’ and I spoke mostly to Disney Prince or joined in the general chatter of the surrounding crowd.

I don’t recall much of that night, other than ending up wearing one of his sweaters, (a freaking nice sweater, just saying) creating a stick woman out of toothpicks on the table and having a conversation with Disney Prince about his tattoos and the tattoos I had wanted at the time. His tattoos are hot.

He had to go back home soon after that night and at this point I was at the pathetic fourteen year old “omfg he’s amazing but he wouldn’t even give me a second glance if I wanted him to” stage. I still kept in touch with him. We spoke almost everyday and, eventually, I think I was the one to initiate the conversation of romantic feelings over platonic feelings.

Surprisingly, he felt the same way. (I think he’s insane)

We went through phases of speaking and not speaking and finally, we stopped talking altogether for almost six months. We had a short conversation and then more months went by without proper conversation.

Disney Prince and I reconnected recently and, long story short, old love, new love. It’s all the same.

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After the Fall (2014) WEB-DL x264-RARBG
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